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The Fastest Path from 3D Scans to Your CAD Software

The Ultimate Scan-to-3D CAD Solution

Broaden Your Design Capabilities

Instead of starting from a blank screen, start from the real world. Geomagic Design X is the easiest way to create editable, feature-based CAD models from a 3D scanner and integrate them into your existing engineering design workflow.

Works Seamlessly with Your Existing CAD Software

Geomagic Design X connects directly to popular CAD software, including SOLIDWORKS®, Siemens NX®, Solid Edge, Autodesk Inventor® and PTC Creo®. Using unique LiveTransfer technology, Design X transfers complete models, including feature trees, so you can quickly create surface and water-tight solid models from 3D scans.

Accelerate Time to Market

Shave days or weeks from product idea to finished design. Scan prototypes, existing parts, tooling or related objects, and create designs in a fraction of the time it would take to manually measure and create CAD models from scratch.

Design X Overview Video

Geomagic Design X Overview Video

The Fastest Path from

3D Scans to Your CAD Software

Geomagic Design X, the industry's most comprehensive reverse engineering software, combines history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing so you can quickly create feature-based, editable solid models compatible with your existing CAD software.